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A card based, role playing, kingdom building, adventure game with dice. The best of everything all under one apocalyptic roof!


Key Features:  


A high fantasy in-depth adventure for gamers and non-gamers alike. 1-8+ players, best with 2-6. 

Playtime: Customizable - Standard game is 60-90 minutes otherwise. 

50+ unique instances to explore, all with their own story and game dynamics. A real adventure in a box! Your adventure will include, but is not limited to: Angry Yeti’s, Fire Breathing Spider Kites (see Jorogumo, the Yokai from Japanese mythology), and a whole plethora of horribly gruesome ways to die.


Takes 5 minutes to set up and learn.  

Unlimited re-play value! 

The starting keeps will change your opening play style, the random instances really mix up the middle, and the demon lord changes the end goal, story, and win conditions. A high fantasy adventure that will keep you coming back for more.  


Also including some of the most horribly interesting traditional demons from history! 

There’s even one that comes in riding a crocodile carrying a hawk! ...sadly the crocodile does not have laser beams on its head.. Yet. 


Semi-competitive or Cooperative. 

Can be played semi-competitively (Kind of like Gimli and Legolas during the Battle for Helms Deep) Or full on co-operatively.. where if your teammate is not doing well.. you should probably help them or you’re all probably going to die.  


It's customizable. 

You can make it harder or easier, longer or shorter, and expand it as you see fit and even change up the rules to give the game a different feel, allowing for more decisions and more advanced strategy. This version comes with a special extras book brimming with interesting extras and new ways to play.

Base Game includes: 

50 Unique Instances each with their own dynamic and story. (Successfully navigating 3 will allow you to summon the Demon Lord... and there are 50! Replay Value out the wazoo.) 

9 Unique Demon Lords. Each demon lord has it’s own fight dynamic and completely changes the end of the game both in play and in story. 

30 monsters (3 of each of the 10 unique monsters; each with their own special abilities that can combo for deadly effect) 

50 unique quests (Complete amazing-ish feats as well as your typical Heroic s.c.u.t. work for coin!)


30 Weapons (10 unique, all awesome) 

8 Specialty dice (6 combat dice, weather cube, and chance cube)

8 Specialized keeps each with their own abilities and play style. (aggressive, defensive, tricky, tactical, economic, magical, etc etc) 


More tokens than you can count! (unless you can count to 270ish.. Because there are about that many. 60 $1 resources, 60 $5 resources, 80 monster stones, 30 life/commander tokens, 40 mercenaries) 

Rule booklet, Special Extras booklet, 8 cheat sheets/reminder cards, and more adventure than you could shake your magical stick at!

We're simultaneously developing and releasing the main game + 3 expansions


Demons - The Ninth Circle of Hell UNLEASHED 
Demons - Oblivion, Malagar's Wraith. (The co-op expansion) 
Demons - The Whimsy Pack (ridiculous combos and well.. there's an outhouse mimic and weregiraffe.)
Demons - Hero's and Hell Hounds (The Pet's  and Heroes Expansion)

Each expansion includes a new kingdom + all new weapons, all new monsters, a new demon lord, and a new game dynamic.

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