What kind of materials will the game be made out of?



This largely depends on the success of the Kickstarter. The more money we make, the more upgrades we'll be able to afford. Starts a plastic tray, with plastic bags, and cardboard punch out tokens. The dice will be screen printed full color and the cards will probably/hopefully start at at least 300gsm or 140 lbs card stock.


What components will be upgraded first?


Hopefully the dice. I’d really like to have some beautifully crafted dice made from special shiny materials. They’d really make the game pop.


Will the game come with a dice tray to roll in?



Maybe. Depends on how well we do, it may be added as a stretch goal later or possibly an addon.


Your company is called awardwinninggames, what awards have you won?

Award winning games - Games with ambition… stay tuned for awards. Lol. After our first successful Kickstarter I’m going to have enough copies of my first game to start sending them to everyone for review so they can win some awards. Hopefully soon!

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