Demons - The Ninth Circle of Hell Unleashed!


Accumulate Resources, build your keep, and prepare to fend off the forces of hell. Patrol your lands, forage for resources, and when you’re ready… delve into instances in search of ancient weapons and artifacts to that might help you turn the tide of this war.


Setup -


Shuffle each deck (Demons, Instances, Weapons, and Quests) and then give each player the following.


1 keep, 5 resources, 2 weapons, 3 quests, 3 lives, and an action sheet.


Deal 1 face up monster, and one face DOWN instance to each player, and set the weather cube to Miasma.


Turn over 6 cards from the weapon deck. This is what’s available for purchase in the shop (when there are no monster in the way).

You are now ready to play!


Overview -

Gather resources by conducting commerce and foraging, ready your kingdom for the coming apocalypse, and when you feel prepared.. delve into the instances on your land in search of great treasures and magical items. Kill monsters to collect demon stones and upgrade your keep to give you the edge you need to win the day.. But use your demon stones wisely, they can also activate powerful magic and cancel monster abilities. You won’t last long without them. Bolster your forces in time for the final confrontation.. and you might just live through this.


Turns -


Each player starts with 2 actions per turn (or AP for short). The specific actions that can be taken are as follows (and are all listed on your action sheet)


Actions that can be done from anywhere:

  • Buy and Sell weapons (Sell unwanted weapons for $2, buy any of the offered cards for the value shown, or buy one item from the top of the deck for $4) *when you’re done shopping, deal the weapons offer back up to 6*

  • Replenish Stock - Place all the offered weapon cards on the bottom of the deck and deal 6 new ones. *To shop from the new selection you must spend another action point*

  • Exchange quests - Exchange all of your uncompleted quests for 3 new ones. (If you have completed all of your quests you would just draw 3 new ones.)

  • Travel - Move to and from the wilderness, or from the wilderness into an instance etc.)

  • Scout Instances - Order your scouts into an instance on your land, flipping it face up

  • Enter combat - Combat can be conducted by rolling the 6 combat dice. The player then selects which dice to keep and re-rolls the rest. The player may re-roll up to two times. The final dice showing are then considered “counted” and the symbols are then used to activate weapons, abilities, deal damage, and block undefeated monsters. Read the section on combat below for more details

Inside Your Keep:

  • Conduct Commerce: $2

  • International Trade: $5 (takes two action points)

  • Chase Away Monster: Put one monster at your keep on the bottom of the monster deck

  • Refresh Your Supplies: Untap any cards that have been “exhausted”


  • Forage - Roll the chance cube… Look for something, find something.

  • Enter an instance - Dive on in, see what happens?


You may turn in completed quests at any point during your turn for their reward. You do not need to spend an action to complete quests.


After each player takes their turn, the round is over, the weather cube is re-rolled, and the next round of play begins.


Weather! It’s everywhere. What it does, and why you should care.


Pay close attention to the weather. Not only can fire, wind, and water be counted as an extra symbol in combat.. Which can be great for elemental magic, but you can also get extra stuff done.


Weather Cube:

Perfect Weather - Travel once without spending an action

Fire - One free re-roll while foraging

Water - Shop or refresh the store without spending an action

Wind - Scout an instance without spending an action

Miasma - Spawn a face up monster and a face down instance at each player’s keep. Monster abilities cannot be canceled during Miasma.


Foraging. Look around, find stuff. What’s life without a little risk? If you’re already outside.. Why not?



$ = $4

Sword = Mercenary

Plus = Draw the top weapon card

Monster = Get attacked by a monster

Skull = Spawn an instance

Re- = Draw 1 quest


A little something extra..


The chance cube can also be used to give you a little extra push in combat when needed.. or it can just straight up kill you. The odds are in your favor though.. and if you’re going to die anyway.. why not?


Combat Chance Cube

$ = Kills are worth +2 gold

Sword = +2 damage to combat

Plus = One symbol of any type added to your total

Monster = Spawn a monster attacking you

Skull = Dice cannot be counted this action

Re- = +1 Re-roll of your combat dice


AHHHH!! Real monsters.


Monster abilities can be canceled by spending a demon stone at any time, except during Miasma.

If they are spawned where you are, they all attack you.

If you are fighting them from inside your keep, you get to choose which ones you go into combat with. You must choose which monster you are attacking before rolling your combat dice, but you can cancel their abilities by spending a stone at any time during your turn. (i.e. Need another re-roll? Cancel his ability stopping you, and get that re-roll you deserve)




When you enter an instance, flip it face up (If it has not already been turned face up through scouting), and read the card aloud. The instance is then considered active and whatever is happening within you must then attempt to deal with (usually through a combat roll). If you fail the instance it is then shuffled back into the instance deck. If you die within the instance, the instance remains. Lose a life, move your player marker back to your keep, and end your turn.


All resources removed from an instance by a player are immediately added to that player's resources. If you are victorious, add that instance to your keep along with it’s special instance reward.


Trapped = You cannot leave or retreat from this instance. Victory or Death!

Crisis = This instance is upon you! When turned face up you may no longer replace this instance.


Death / Life


You begin the game with 3 lives or “commanders” who are responsible for leading your troops into battle. Each time you die that immediately ends your turn, you do not collect any monster stones or rewards from combat, and you must then discard one life/commander token. If you run out of lives you may no longer travel or leave your keep until you have purchased a new commander/life token from the shop for $20.




First take into account the abilities of any monsters involved in combat and how they might change it, and if you want to spend a monster stone right away to cancel any of them. Then roll your combat dice (usually six). You may then re-roll any number of them the standard two times. The symbols left showing are then “counted” and may be used to activate any of your keeps special abilities, equipment/units, or special treasures etc. to help you successfully navigate your battle. Don’t forget, the weather cube may be optionally counted as a symbol during drought(fire), rain(water), or blustery(wind) weather.


Each ability can only be activated one time per action/combat. So if you want to do the same thing twice you have to have multiple copies of that card. Swords may be counted as 1 damage as many times as you wish. Shields may be counted to block undefeated monsters so you don’t die at the end of combat. After you finish counting and utilizing all available symbols, total your damage and divide it any way you choose among the available targets. If any monsters are left alive and unblocked at the end of combat, you die.




Mercenaries may be used to add +1 damage your combat total or to count 1 monster as blocked. They can be purchased from the shop for $5 and are single use. (You may use/discard more than one mercenary per combat i.e. you could discard 6 to deal 5 damage and then block 1 monster)


When all hope is lost…


RUN! You may escape any combat or instance and return to your keep using an escape ability (usually Shileds x3). If you’re outmatched and things are looking grim, there’s always a strategic retreat.. Unless the instance says “Trapped” on it. Then you can’t and are probably going to die :D.


Upgrading Your Keep

You may gain one additional AP by Upgrading your Keep. To upgrade your keep you must first be inside your keep, spend 1 AP and 10 monster stones, then flip over your player marker. You now have +1 AP every turn starting from the moment you upgrade (i.e. if you use your last AP to upgrade, you then have the +1 AP you may then use)


Exhaustible Cards


(exhaust symbol) When a card is “exhaustible” tap it sidways to show that it has been used. It cannot be used again until your kingdom/supplies are “refreshed”.


Summoning the Demon Lord


Once you’ve acquired enough power and understanding to go after the demon lord (by completing 3 instances), you may now attempt to summon the Demon Lord.


1 of each element - Summon the demon lord

4 of one element - Summon the demon lord and receive the “Support of the Nation”

2 of each element - “Support of the Nation”, and draw 2 demons lords and pick one.


If you count enough of an element to summon the demon lord you must summon one.




Complete the Demon Lord's Gambit and send the Demon Lord back to Hell.


Just a quick copy paste, for all those interested. I'll come back to this page and make them pretty later (Pretty pictures, proper formatting). Until then.. I'll be at dragon con: For all those who'd like a quick look at the rules, here ya go!

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