“And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood." - Rev 6-12


As the ominous dark cloud billowed into the sky, blotting out the morning sun, hushed tales of an ancient prophecy were whispered in its shadow. Long forgotten nightmares, of a monster defeated, told of an oath of vengeance sworn by the Lord of Hell. He would rise again, and with his second coming, he would bring fire and brimstone; and judgment would fall upon the world that betrayed him. 


All shall suffer. All shall burn. (set the weather to miasma)


Troubling reports have been coming in from across the land. Horrors of a bygone age have emerged from antiquity, pillaging the countryside and plunging your kingdom into chaos. Trade has been cut off and your food supply burned, as you receive the first hopeful news you’ve seen since the initial event. An emergency council has been called in the city of New Gomorrah in 3 weeks time, with information and aid promised to all those in attendance. 

(You may no longer shop from inside your kingdom)


Reveal the city of “New Gomorrah” and place 3 resources there. Remove 1 resource each time the weather cube is rolled. Remove 1 additional resource if miasma is rolled. 

“These are dark days my friend, time is of the essence”


If you start the weather phase with 0 resources on New Gomorrah, begin “The first council meeting”



New Gomorrah - Scout Cost - Complete 1 instance


Discovery Bonus:

+10 resources

Special Action - Scout for leads

Actions - Keep



The First Council Meeting 


As you enter through the grand archway to city council’s meeting hall, a roar of discordant chatter fills your ears. A rolling landscape of shouting royalty and panicked dignitaries sprawls out before you. It's not long before an attendant notices your arrival, and shows you to your chair amongst the clamoring nobility. The attendant apologizes for the commotion as he pours you a cup of wine. “It won’t be long now.”


Despite the impending apocalypse and giant poisonous cloud heading this way, the city of New Gomorrah still appears to be doing quite well. The table was lavishly stocked with fresh meats and cheeses, the wine was flowing, and on your way in, you noticed that their port was as busy as you had ever seen one. This would prove to be a profitable alliance.


A great gong rings out across the meeting hall, and the room turns to face the speaker who is already standing at the pulpit with arms raised. “Dear friends, thank you for coming, and welcome”. The man addressing you is the Archdeacon of the Church of the Second Son. A haggard man, late in years, but still imposing. Most knew him as the “aspectum solis” or eye of the sun, he was in charge of the “peace keeping” and information operations for the church. Despite his weathered and battle hardened exterior, there was a warmth to his voice. “Before I begin, let us all take a moment to be grateful for all of those here today. This meeting will mark the formation of a great alliance, that will strike back against the darkness. I honor you, for your valor, enginuity, and expediance in these confusing and troubled times.”


And with a gesture a group of robed and hooded figures begin filling into the room, fanning out amongst the kings and dignitaries. Each carrying a small sealed scroll with the crest of the second sun. A hooded figure approaches you and hands you a scroll.

Alliance of New Gomorrah

(All players may now shop from any keep)
(Open the shop)
(All players in New Gomorrah for The First Council Meeting may choose one weapon from the shop, and build it without spending an action if they have the resources)


Not much was known about what was going on, so the Alliances first task was to explore the neighboring lands, gather support, and find answers.

Special Actions - Scout for leads (Roll the chance cube)

The first reported incident occurred all Hallows Eve, at the grand cathedral in the valley of the second sun. The Bishop in charge of records, prophecies, and lore was found tortured, pinned to the great bronze doors of the old archives. Large chucks of skin had been flayed from his body, and left in a bloody clumps at his feet along with his tongue, nose, and ears. His eyes had been pierced with shards of wood. Then the man had been skewered to the door at the wrists, and left to die of his injuries. 


A great black beast was seen leaving the Church by several witnesses from the nearby festival, but an accurate description of the monster has yet to be ascertained. No one in the church was left alive to tell of it... save the Bishop with no tongue, who died not long after he was found. Estimates of the beast size based on the claws left in the bishops wrists and the footprints found, place it somewhere between 2-3 times the size of a bear. It is both intelligent, and fast. It’s last known direction, based on its tracks, has it heading into the Negev desert.

(Reveal the Negev Desert and place the characters marker there)

And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters -Revelation 8:10-12


The ill fated star crashed down from the heavens, gauging a scar into the western mountains. The ground shook as the sun was choked from the sky by a suffocating black cloud. The nearby city of Ys was the first of the land of Canaan to be cast into darkness. Demons sprung forth from the crater of fire, and the once reclusive city of technological wonders, was ravaged… but not lost.


Whether by luck or some ingenious design, the city of Ys’s defenses held, and the monsters were routed from the city; But their troubles were only just beginning. The catastrophic force of the meteor impact and resulting tremors had weakened the structural integrity of the dam atop Mount Penglai. Urgent repairs were needed, but the horde of monsters crashing against the cities gates, would not allow the necessary equipment out of the city. No one knew how long the dam would hold, but time was running out. If it were to fail, it would unleash a torrent of water that would wipe Ys from the face of the earth, and crush all those living in the valley.

For the first time in living memory, the city opened its borders to all the surrounding lands. Strange flying devices carrying a call for help along with a map of the area began arriving in every major city. (any player may now spend 2 actions to travel to the Yushan Mountains or the city of Ys)

(Reveal the Yushan mountains and place any players marker who rolled (money) there)

(Reveal the city of Ys, and place any players who rolled (+) within)


And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit. Revelations 9:1


Being Quest - “Collapsing Hope”

Place 3 resources on the Yushan Mountain range. Every time the weather lands (water), add one resource to this card, or two if it is (miasma). If 6 resources are collected on this card. Read “The Death of a Nation”

The Death of a Nation - 

The roar of splintering concrete echoes through the nation of Ys, as all eyes in the valley turn towards the mountain. A colossal wall of water can be seen erupting from the dam in an unstoppable torrent of failing technology. 


No one the city tried to run, there was nowhere to go. They simply watched, awestruck, and waited to die.


The ocean of death hit the city with cataclysmic force, and a thousand years of technological advancements, along with every life in the city, was wiped out in an instant.
(Add 1xP life from the world supply to the well of souls) 

(Kill all players in the kingdom of Ys, and remove the location from the game)
(+5 corruption to all players, and an additional +5 corruption to any players in the Yushan mountains)



Strange reports have been received of a large number of demons moving too and from the ruins of Sodom. The neighboring townships have grown increasingly uneasy, as people from the surrounding area continue to disappear at an alarming rate.

A wall of heat presses against your face as you take your first step onto the sea of glass where the city once stood. You find your way to the shimmering silhouette of a woman running, that you were told marks the main entrance into the city. 


The aquamarine statue refracting the midday sun is a sight to behold. The entire city glistens with an ardent splendor unlike that which you have ever seen. It would be quite beautiful were it not for the mix of terror and dismay frozen on the womans face, as she looks back at another woman, in similar dress, who has fallen. A man stoops at the fallen woman's side, bracing himself to lift her. The running woman appears to be slowing, but not stopping for her fallen friend. Her crystalline corps can be found just a few mere strides from the edge of the flattened glass plain. If you follow the path the woman was running, you were told, there is a shelter where you can make camp, with the only freshwater well in the area.


The villagers that requested your aid were very specific in their warnings. Only go into the city at night, and be gone before morning. Temperatures in Sodom are said to be lethal not long after sunrise, and the refracted light, blinding to all those caught inside its city walls at the dawn.

(Reveal the city of Sodom and place the player inside) 



Long ago, after the war of the gods had ended, a great purge took place. All those who served the beings of the other realms were considered traitors and cast out for their crimes against humanity. 


A penal colony was to be set up on the largest island of the “unknown southern land". A mysterious wilderness, full of all manner of poisonous insect and hostile beast, it was often considered a death sentence for those banished to it. 

Prisoners from all over the land were gathered onto a fleet of cargo ships, branded according to the god they served or the crime they commited, and shipped off in droves to the isle of the damned. Each prisoner was given a 1 month supply of rations to build a new life for themselves, or more accurately, stay alive long enough to regret what they had done before the harsh wilderness consumed them. 


Eventually, this practice was done away with by most kingdoms as overly time consuming and unnecessary. The need to “cleanse” entire segments of the population had passed, so the island was forgotten, and its inhabitants presumed dead.

It’s been almost a thousand years since the last officially chartered expedition to the Southern isles, but the high priest of the church of the second sun has deemed this voyage of the utmost importance, and has requested your Kingdom escort, in secret, several high ranking mages from amongst their clergy to the center of the enormous and incredibly hostile land.


The church was not able to give any more information, as they insisted for the safety and success of all those involved, it must be kept secret.

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