Kingdoms! The v6.0 kingdoms got all new powers! Perk, Weapon, Demon Magic, and Special Ability. That brings the total up to 20 weapons (10 main game, 5 whimsy, and 5 co-op), 40 kingdom abilities (10 keeps with 4 unique abilities each), and 35+ rare treasures. That’s like over a gazillion ways to customize and play your kingdom. 

Silver Spire - Powerful wizards with seemingly impossible insight. Can harvest the elements to create massively powerful combos. 

Mossy Top Village - Tribal forest people that are extremely agile. They can get where they need to quickly, and then be gone again before you can say “Killed in a trap”. 

Luckshire - A goblin gambling town, built by chance. They can do amazing things!!! ...sometimes. 

York Town - A port kingdom with a heavy banking presence. Specializing in trade, this kingdom can really make a bang for its buck. 

Raven's Rill - Otherwise known as the kingdom of the dead. Founded by scholars and historians, ruled by criminals and thieves. This kingdom’s chief export is death. 

Maker’s Point - A town built by people who build things. Behold the power of industry! (And sometimes explosives)  

Bloody Basin - A large tribe of warriors turned entrepreneur. A great place to find work if you have a sword, and know how to use it.

Ironfist Keep - A reputable kingdom with a long line of distinguished and powerful rulers. Sturdy and well fortified. They do things by the book or not at all.

Wilmabart - A bit of an oddity, this is the first and only known kingdom to have multiple governing bodies. Founded by 3 brothers looking to avoid a war over succession, they created a system that is still employed in the kingdom to this day. 

Persephone’s Reach - They have a Kraken.  

^ They all play like they sound and have abilities to match.

We're still re-doing all the graphic design and formatting getting ready to print. But this was what the first v6.0 draft/play testing proofs looked like (all the abilities have cool / cheesy names now).

Each kingdom has a play style closely tied to their personality and history. Persephone's reach for example is able to pull off some pretty impressive water combos and activate water abilities and weapons easier and more consistently than other keeps, making them dangerous on rainy days especially if you can get your hands on a lot of water weapons. 

Demon Magic:
The world has become corrupt, and each kingdom has developed their own unique way of utilizing this new dark power, and turning it against the forces of hell. Kill monster to collect demon stones and channel their demonic energy to fuel powerful combos and perform life saving maneuvers. 

Pesephonies reach for example is able to use their Kraken to deal water damage like no other and generate enough hydraulic force to pressure wash a mountain.

This makes massive AOE dmg possible as well as the use of multiple water weapons, even when you roll very few water.

Each keep has it's own unique set of moves and defining play-style that you can either build into and combo with or develop complementary to. (For example with Persophone's reach you can go big with water.. or build using water as supplemental damage, so you don't get boned in the event of a dry roll.)

Luckshire utilizes the chance cube and the ever changing weather to take calculated risks and wields a pretty huge "double edged sword" (making it one of the more strategy intensive keeps).

The weather cube is rolled every round and has 2 perfect weather sides (1 in 3). The chance cube has 6 different sides, 1 of which usually kills you, but the other 4 do some pretty amazing stuff. (the 5th spawns another monster)

So between the chance cube and demon magic you have a pretty good chance to be able to pull out the money shot when your life is on the line.

The jackpot move, which is easily the strongest move in the game can wipe out pretty much anything.. but can also leave you high and dry if you miss. What kind of risks will you take? Do you build your keep to mitigate risk and go for the combo? Or do you build and play for the strongest weapons available and not risk constant chance cube rolls? Mix and match? 

(I personally build my Luckshire with as many different symbols/weapons as possible to mitigate missed jackpot rolls. Then I risk the chance cube pretty often, don't risk a re-roll unless I have to, then use mercenaries and exhaustibles to keep myself alive-ish when I get bad luck twice in a row. but like every game, my strategy varies largely based on what I can get my hands on.)

I don't want to give away too much though, but every kingdom is just as cool and uniquely powerful. I'm putting together the brochure for the game now and organizing everything in one place, so if anyone wants to see more of something specific, let me know.

The next update will be today or tomorrow and will include weapons, strategy and kingdom building, and some free bonus extras added to v6.0. 

Then there's just quests and monsters and all the info will be posted!

Kingdoms and Playstyles

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