Love in a Zombie Apocolypse


…If only I had packed more grenades like she told me to, none of this would have happened. But who really needs four grenades to take a trip to the grocery store? What happens if you lost your bag, you’d lose all of those perfectly good hand grenades, it’d just be irresponsible to put so many eggs in one basket!


Janis was right about most things. She always won jeopardy when they used to play, she could sense a rainstorm before there was even a cloud in the sky, and that one time she insisted on bringing a shotgun instead of a pistol to the movies probably saved everyone’s life that night. What an event that was. Some little old lady clutching a 12 gauge shotgun running around screaming “this was my favorite part!” or “it was the first date we’ve been on in 20 years!” and then promptly firing a two shot barrage into the crowd of zombies. Funniest thing you ever did see. The zombies flew just about as far as she did every time she pulled the trigger. She was so mad when we had to leave halfway through the movie. She sulked all the way home, occasionally mumbling something as she continued to stare out the window of the car.


That was our 20th anniversary, seems a fitting way for it to end I suppose, after all we did meet during the apocalypse, running from the giant bomb that was about to hit Manhattan. Best day of my life. I can still remember how she looked at me as we leaned toward each other in that little drainage ditch on the outskirts of the city. We were both in our 50's at the time so we didn’t make it that far before the bomb hit, with the roads being blocked and all. Neither one of us thought we’d survive but there was no denying the love that had formed and this might be our last chance at a first kiss. So as I leaned in towards her, and her lips touched mine, we shared what was probably one of the most passionate kisses ever, right above the one at the end of the movie the Princess bride. I like to think to this day, that the city exploded because of the passion of that kiss. We both looked at each other, our lips probably a whisper distance apart, neither one of us could figure out if this kiss was just that powerful… or if something had just exploded above our heads. Turns out the kiss was just that powerful.  We spent the next 22 years fighting off the zombies, together, and as she laid in my arms bleeding out onto the cold linoleum floor, I looked into her eyes and she looked back up at me, her eyes filled with same fire and passion as the day we met, and I knew then our last kiss would be just as powerful as our first. I’m not sure after seeing everything that I’ve seen in my life, if I believe in an afterlife... but at least I was fortunate enough to find love. Her hand reached up to gently touch my face as I pulled out the pin of our last hand grenade, and then I kissed her like there was no tomorrow.

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