The Creator

Pretty soon I realized I enjoyed making games as much as I enjoyed playing them. It was a passion like no other, and I was really good at it to boot.


My favorite games and the games that shaped me:

Hopefully I can release all of my favorite games I’ve made within the next year or so starting with my first masterpiece. The culmination of a lifetime of study, learning, and avid game playing “Demons - the ninth circle of hell UNLEASHED”.


Top Five of my games: Demons (obviously), Unicorn Clash – Rainbow Apocalypse, Super Dungeon Kickass Highfive Yeah!, Pirates – Death on the high seas, and Ether Seed. So excited to eventually share all these games with everyone.


Favorite table top game I didn’t make: Dominion (contemporary), Magic the gathering (legendary), Vampire/Shadowrun (PRG), Ticket to Ride (classic), Chess.


Computer Games: Dragon Age (origins), Vampire the masquerade, World Of Warcraft (Ate years of my life. Had a max level character of every type and full pvp gear. 2k+ arena rating), Ultima Online (first game I ever played seriously), Starcraft/Broodwars (made lots of UMS games as well ^^), Divinity original sin (sequel’s coming out soon!)

Lead Game Designer and Project Manager:

Aaron Antonich 

I’ve loved games since I was a little kid. I still remember how excited I was to sit down and play bionic commando for the first time. Games were like a portal to a whole new world. A world you could explore and interact with… reach out and grab… with your amazing bionic arm. I was hooked (Ha, see what I did there?) and have been an avid gamer ever since.


I went to college in 2003 for philosophy and somehow ended up as a professional juggler/entertainer. I've always thought one should make their passions part of their career, and there are few things I'm as passionate about as I am about game design. It incorporates everything I've always loved. Philosophy, strategy, and a healthy exercise of one's imagination.


I got my start in game design mostly out of necessity. Being self-employed (and a little lazy to boot) I’ve always had an abundance of free time. So anytime I found a good game I ate it up. Eventually, the well of good games ran dry so I started making my own games because I couldn’t find the one I wanted to play (and table top gaming 10+ years ago left a lot to be desired).

Console games: Titanfall 2 (I’m a beast), Borderlands (co-op, they were all so good.), Earth Defense Force!!!! (Sequels coming out soon too!! EDF! EDF! Giant frog with a cannon, that’s all I have to say), Don’t starve together (so fun, but frustrating), Portal 2 and actually like a million more.


Classic Nintendo: Zelda series, Super smash brothers, Mario 64, Mario Kart, Mario Party


I could go all day, but I’ll stop there.

Her Favorite games are: Persona 5, Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door, Skyrim, Harvest moon franchise, and Okami.

Other likes: Writing fantasy roleplaying stories with her friend. In the last 4 years since she started she has written over 10,000+ typed pages of everything you can imagine. She also likes game grumps, and is currently playing “dream daddy”.

Anyway, I met my partner and love of my life 5 years ago when she was but a sweet young thing of 20 (7 Years apart. She couldn’t even legally drink ^^). She became my apprentice, and since then has become an amazing face painter, juggler, stilt walker, fire performer, personal assistant, marketing director, and now is intimately involved in.. well everything really. Recently when I began seriously considering publishing my game, she started learning to draw so she could do the artwork. I am eternally grateful to have such a wonderful woman at my side, supporting all of my endeavors, and keeping me motivated. Without her none of this would be. She did the website, the banner, setup google analytics, formated all the cards and the newsletter, manages the social media, researches whatever I need, and is just so damn adorable while doing all of it. Stay tuned for more adorable comics from her. The first comic she ever drew after she learned to draw was actually how we met, so I’ll add it here.

The Artist

Kira is too busy furiously working on the artwork for the board game to write her bio. Check out our facebook, instagram, and twitter to get to know her. She’s not only in charge of the Art but the Social media as well.

Here are my top 20 Favorite Pictures of us.

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