Here's the whole story. BANNED!!!!

I've been promoting my new game for all of 10 days now. In that time, I've posted a couple posts in "The Board Game Group".


Once every 2 or 3 days probably? I can't look now. I'm banned.

1 was promoting my game and introducing myself, then another posting the second part of a play-through someone asked me about, then 1 more telling a joke.

The joke was "The Dice Tower told me today that they couldn't do a review of my game because it wasn't "Family Friendly". I totally disagree." (Then a picture of the Adams family).

After my first post in the forum "took off" (100 or so comments). That's when I had my first communication with the admins of that forum. The communication was short, and within a few minutes the admin was already threatening me. I read the rules of the forum, and I was under the impression I was following them.

I tried to ask the admin what I was doing wrong, but he wouldn't answer, ignored me, and then shut down my first post that was doing really well.

Shortly after the admin did, someone else started their own post bashing me, saying my 'Game looked stupid and unoriginal' and I shouldn't be bashing the "Dice Tower".

I tried to explain.. saying I had no issue with the dice tower, I linked my joke again for context, since she hadn't... and went on to explain "I have no qualms with an ex-minister not wanting to play a game about Demons, with a giant pentagram on the box, full or gruesome death scenes. I like the dice towers reviews, that's why I wanted them to play my game - but I totally get it - I was only mentioning the dice tower for context, because it was the set up for the joke, and I was still actively looking for reviewers.

If that's not clear enough.. let me spell it out. I like the dice tower and agree with Tom. My game is pretty hard core, and just the box cover alone could make a lot of his fans REALLY uncomfortable.. and might not be a good fit for him and his audience. I understand his decision and I'm not the LEAST bit mad about it. I thought his response was a funny understatement.. and that was the point of the joke. *face palm*

In the end the Admin didn't answer a single question or give me any specifics about what he didn't like that he wanted me to change other than "He felt like it was too much for a 10 day period". Apparently telling a joke about my day or commenting on a post about me, that I'm tagged in.. is too much.

It took less than 30 minutes from Patricio Garcia's first communication EVER to the time he banned me. Our entire conversation fits on one screen cap. Awful, just awful. But what can you do, they're a big group. Big groups can do that.

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