Part I

The blood of angels flooded the kingdom of Heaven that day as the cacophonous roar of countless demon hordes echoed through the air. A great Portal ripped the sky, spilling forth corruption as hellfire and brimstone rained down upon the land…


Thus the Great Holy War began.


Trumpets heralded the angels’ riposte as blades of pure light lashed out against the darkness. The angels’ wrath was terrible and their justice swift, forming a spear that cut through the heart of the demon army. Although the demon numbers were great, the folly of Hell’s army was clear: they were no match for the fury they faced. With a merciless hand, Heaven’s righteous judgment fell and butchered the invading army to their last.


Heaven rejoiced, but their victory was short-lived. As the great angelic commander surveyed his gore-soaked army, he realized they had been deceived. The battle was won but the war was lost, for the angels now knew hate. They had lived it. They had smiled as they watched the life drain from the eyes of their foes, twisting their swords as the conquered lay dying. Now so, too, they were twisted. Lucifer looked out onto his triumphant army of angels, and in the light of the Portal saw only demons. They had strayed too close to its corrupting influence, lured by their bloodlust.


Lucifer turned to his first lieutenant and saw the look on his dear friend’s face as they surveyed their comrades with dismay. Heaven’s spear might be lost, but it would first strike one last blow. Thus, together, the two greatest angels of the realm – Lucifer, bringer of light, and Abbadon, angel of destruction – spent the last full measure of their devotion as they cast their power into the rift.


A huge explosion tore through the cosmos, separating the two realms and closing the great Portal for good. Heaven was saved; but Heaven’s spear was lost, along with eight of their greatest generals and their troops. An impassable firmament of time and space now sealed the divide. They had cast themselves into hell and sealed their only way back.


Thus the great Barrier Realm was created, and in time life began to grow in that third dimension.



Part II

Eternity is a long time to spend in Hell. The very air turns the soul to violence, even angels’… Beings of light, high vibration and frequency are not immune to the resonance of the fallen world. And so the once united front against the darkness began to war amongst themselves. Consumed by malice and regret, disputes over territory erupted, and eventually Hell was divided into nine kingdoms.


Stricken with guilt, Lucifer fell into madness as he watched his proud brethren succumb to the effects of this base dimension in which he had trapped them all. He became obsessed with finding a way out, and in time realized escape was possible. Beings in this insufferable Hell could slip into other dimensions…


If, that is, they could match their frequencies at a rift point between worlds. The primitive life forms evolving in the Barrier Realm could be used as a sort of vessel, or bridge, that beings of energy could use to cross into, and through, the Barrier Realm.


And so Lucifer set out on his task. He would find a planet with sufficiently advanced vessels, terraform the land to match the Lower Realm’s frequency, and free his people from the eternity of suffering he had damned them to.


Demons - The 9th circle of hell.


The beings of the Upper Realm, aware of the possibilities and fearful of what Lucifer might have become after having spent so much time in Hell, sought to block his return. Heaven orchestrated a great flood, intended to wipe all life from Lucifer’s chosen planet. But Lucifer had taught the humans how to make boats, and they survived. Angels destroyed cities deemed able to provide “suitable vessels” for fallen angels’ consciousness. At every turn, the people of the Barrier Realm proved to be more resilient than expected, especially given Heaven’s limited power in this dimension. Especially with Lucifer’s protection, guidance, and cunning.


So if humanity could not be destroyed, they would be controlled. Realizing that by bringing death and destruction, Heaven was only helping Lucifer further terraform the planet, it sent emissaries of its own to try to establish doctrines of peace. If these agents of Heaven could sufficiently raise and sustain the vibration of the planet, Lucifer would no longer have a window to exert influence… or an opportunity to escape. He’d be locked out.


Lucifer, infuriated by Heaven’s betrayal after he had sacrificed so much, vowed vengeance against those that would see him forever damned and redoubled his efforts to bring about a rift into the Barrier Realm. And succeeded. Hell’s armies flooded onto the lands of the third dimension and wrought suffering, leaving death in their wake.


But the denizens of the Barrier Realm were not to be underestimated.


For millennia, the people of the Barrier Realm had suffered from the forces of magic and had in time established their own power and balance. Seeking independence, they threw off the powers that would use them for one end or the other and established their own rule. They created a united front of wizards and warriors, and with that power fought back the invading demon army before it could get a foothold.


And so begins our struggle. A thousand years after the Portal was first closed, Lucifer and his demon army are growing restless. The effects of the Lower Realm exact a heavy toll on their sanity as they lie in wait. First betrayed by Heaven, then spurned by the civilization they had nurtured and protected since time immemorial. A debt was owed, and all would now pay for their treachery.




A quick analysis:


My favorite implications of this are that Lucifer is actually the one who started the big bang which spawned our world, and that he is responsible for saving humanity from extinction on more than one occasion. But as a fallen angel in need of saving, he has to create dissonance among the people of the third dimension in order to have any chance of escaping Hell. This gives real point, purpose, and motivation to the struggle, not just Heaven and Hell being arbitrarily good and evil.


Lucifer loves his human children and wants them to be happy, but he needs just enough conflict so he can escape Hell and avoid countless more lifetimes of suffering. Furthermore, he is determined to save his fellow fallen angels, as he watches them succumb, little by little, to the overwhelming corrupting influence of the lower dimension.


For the good of his people – his friends, loved ones and fellow soldiers – Lucifer needs the rift to happen now, lest he become an even greater evil than he defeated. For the good of all, he needs to escape, or Heaven’s most powerful angel will become Hell’s greatest demon.


The beings of the upper dimension, meanwhile, watch in dismay as Lucifer schemes and plans. Although they recognize, and even to some degree appreciate, the great sacrifice he had made to save Heaven, they fear what he might have become. He was always immensely powerful. His return is simply too great a risk to allow. There are too many unknowns.


Therefore, “for the greater good”, the servants of Heaven have stooped to murder, subjugation and lying to protect their Realm. In their fear of Lucifer, they damn his escape, forcing him to become what they most feared. This is the great tragedy of war, as both sides become what they seek to defeat.


Thus our story begins, like that of any war, as one giant clusterfuck, with our players caught in the middle.

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